CRYSTALITE is specialized in manufacturing and supply of Standby Emergency Lighting System, since its very beginning in 1985. And, the prime requisites in the electrical installation industry are QUALITY and RELIABILITY of the product and the level are reflected through our design, material procurement, production, testing & quality controls, and packaging. Products produced by the Company are tested and confirmed to the appropriate electrical standard.

The policy of our Company is to manufacture high quality emergency lighting system which meets customers’ requirements.

While our system of operation and control fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001, we are committed to continuous improvement and updating of quality and technology to meet market needs.


Today, we offer a wide range of:

  • Emergency Fluorescent & LED Lighting System 緊急照明光管和發光二極管系統
  • Emergency Fluorescent & LED Exit Sign 緊急照明光管和發光二極管出路燈箱與吊牌箱
  • AC/DC inverter and Charger Unit 直流 / 交流充電變流器
  • Emergency Halogen Lamp, LED Lamp & Energy Saving Power Kits 石英燈、發光二極管和慳電膽電池組件
  • Emergency Tungsten Halogen Lamp & Power LED Lighting Units 石英燈和發光二極管緊急照明燈
  • Automatic Self-Testing Module for Emergency Lighting 緊急照明自動檢測模組